Keep your Bank and Other Credit Lines Open
• Manage your resources with Off Balance Sheet Financing
• Leasing does not affect your Debt : Equity

Local Credit Approval
• Credit decisions are handled locally. Decisions are made by people local to you
• You can talk to the people making the decisions!

Pay as you Earn Money with the Equipment
• Pay for the equipment with the profit it produces not your built up equity
• Lease payments are fixed and therefore not subject to interest rate hikes
• Overcome Budget Limitations
• Low monthly lease payments that will fit into your budget

Save Corporate Taxes
• The entire lease payments may be tax deductible

Defer the GST / HST
• The GST / HST is not paid up front but spread out over the term of the lease. The monthly GST /HST remains as an ITC for you
• You will benefit from any future GST / HSTreductions

Avoid Obsolete Equipment
• Trade up or upgrade your equipment at any time

Flexible Programs
• Select the terms and payment options tailor made to fit your budget, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly
• Ask us today about our STEP Programs (Letting the payments gradually increase to give you the opportunity to ramp up sales with your new equipment)
• Is your business seasonal? We offer both seasonal and true skip programs